The key differentiators for IVYDreams

  • Personalization where we curate an individual path to success for every applicant as we recognize that every person is different, their interests are different and they want different outcomes from their education. However, only a few are able to ascertain these differences on their own and chase goals that are not aligned with their interests and aspirations, thus leading to possible failure. 
  • One-on-One coaching throughout the application life cycle
  • Personal expertise and experience of the founders
  • Deep research by the support team into the latest courses and scholarship opportunities across the world makes IVYDreams a partner of choice for your application journey.
  • The Modular structure is designed as such that every module can be taken individually or as a set. Each module has clearly defined deliverables with a logical exit point such that the applicant can take forward the journey on their own at any point in time. 
  • Flexible Pricing such that the pricing is also modular in nature and payments can be made in tranches based on a request basis. For multiple modules taken together, considerable bundle pricing discounts are available. 

Working together is our motto. We believe that every applicant is unique and so is every application hence our process is organic with the emphasis on “Working” together to create a winning application