Service Offerings

Discovery Module: Where we work with students to ascertain their interest areas and future aspirations. Accordingly, we help them identify colleges and courses that align with their interests.

Profile Gap Analysis Module: would include a detailed analysis of the candidate’s profile &identification of gaps in the profile plus possible suggestion to plug the same in view of the courses and universities being targeted.

GRE Test Prep Module: would include a highly personalized test prep strategy including tips and tricks across sections, accountability partnership to keep you on track and recommendations on the choice of test preparation materials. This module is available in one-on-one, cohort-based and online-only options.

SOP Module: would include working with the candidates in preparing a winning SOP through sharing SOP writing guidelines, help in writing according to best practices, written critical reviews and detailed feedback over the phone and other communication mediums. 

Recommendation Module: would include working with candidates to identify the right reviewers among a possible set of reviewers as well as guidelines for each recommendation highlighting unique aspects of the applicant such that the recommendations complement and supplement the SOP.

Scholarship Assistance Module: This module will include identification of appropriate scholarships from our well-researched country wise scholarships database as well as application assistance for applying to an appropriate scholarship both in India and abroad. The scholarship assistance also includes the financial aid application of colleges.